Saturday, December 13, 2008

Girls Night Out | Behind The Scenes

Tonight, the girls headed out for a night of fun and fellowship over a friends house. This is not so much a post about what they did and how they got it done, but a post about what us guys did while we had some down time.

I started the evening alone patiently waiting for my personal delivery of Sprinkles Cupcakes straight from Palo Alto. Sprinkles, has become a major favorite that I could get at the drop of a hat back home in Orange County; however, the Bay area does not have that same high quality cupcake goodness that I long for. Sprinkles recently opened up a new location in Palo Alto and I had a dozen cupcakes delivered via friend taking a day trip.

The rest of the evening consisted of Max taking us on a personal tour of his YouTube favorites, videos that mostly featured gigantic animals, people injuring themselves in weird ways, and speed metal guitar solos. We also managed to consume several pots of coffee. If you have not had Sprinkles... try it... it will change your life. :)


JetwingX said...

Cupcakes don't do well with a phonebook and U-Turns @_@!!

wrecklessgirl said...

daaaaang........that's kinda rad tho. i'm so close, i've been meaning to pick up some freshies from sprinkles in PA. hmmmm....that sounds like an awesome thing to do today !

Brad C said...

We are going to have to go to palo Alto and I want to try Sprinkles!!